FK8 Civic TYPE R Stage 1 Tune

Hondata is the proven world leader in tuning Honda engines.

We are proud to announce that our “Stage 1” development on the FK8 Civic Type R is now complete!

We haven’t bothered using the factory tune to overlay with our tune as it was registering quite a bit of knock around the 3500-4000rpm range. After making some fuel adjustments, the bottom line represents how the factory tune “should” look without knock.

The RevZone “Stage 1” tune produces a 30kw gain at peak power with no hardware changes. This can be achieved with the Hondata FlashPro paired with our extensive tuning experience. Please note, your factory ECU will need to be jail-broken by us before the FlashPro can be utilised. Stay tuned for intake, exhaust and intercooler development!

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