BRZ / GT86


At RevZone, our team of skilled mechanics and engineers take care of your BRZ / GT86 like if it was our own.


So you’ve taken delivery of your brand new Toybaru BRZ86. For the first few days you love it, but as you get to know the car more you soon notice things. You notice a flat spot in the torque band. You notice the noises that the car make is artificially transmitted into the cabin. You notice the tyres don’t grip, brakes fade and you’ve just lost to a Camry off the lights.

You’ve come to the right place to address these issues. RevZone is a one-stop shop that attends to all enquires you may have about your BRZ/86. We were the first workshop in Australia to experiment with the Rotrex centrifugal supercharger that runs off a separate belt. We are currently building a lower compression FA20 for our own 86 which will be running the Rotrex blower on high boost with a blow off valve and speed density tuning.

Services we provide:
General servicing
Bolt on upgrades
Custom ECU dyno tuning – EcuTeK (flex fuel tuning) or BRZ edit
Engine building
Suspension and brake setup
Track preparation
Custom fabrication

Hardware we sell:
Induction systems
Exhaust systems
Engine parts
Engine electronics
Suspension kits
Brake packages
Body kits
Turbo & supercharger options

With the 86 platform, we don’t put together any performance packages as we’ve found everybody wants different things done at different times. You can rest assured that we have access to source you any brand of any part for your 86 or BRZ



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BRZ Tuning Videos:
** Kraftwerks C38 installation – click here to view it in action **

** Kraftwerks V2 with Invidia G5 Titan exhaust – click here to view it in action **

All questions can be sent to and one of our sales consultants will get back to you shortly.