DSG Transmission Repair / Rebuild / Diagnostics

Is your Audi or VW gearbox shuddering, clunky, noisy or not shifting as it should?

Euro Garage is proud to offer repair services for your Volkswagen/Audi direct-shift gearboxes (dual clutch transmissions).

The DSG has a series of issues ranging from mechatronics to clutches to selectors/gears and software – most of which are commonly associated with the dry clutch 7 speeds.

Most service centres don’t even attempt to take on the job as they’re not technically or mechanically equipped to accurately diagnose/repair the issue. Dealerships will try to sell you a brand new transmission or sublet the repair job to a transmission shop. Generally, this sort of repair will cost more than half the value of the car if you drive a 3 or 4 year old VW Golf or Audi A3/4. Also, logbook/manufacture recommendation for the DSG service is 60,000km. You can potentially double the lifespan of your gearbox by dropping this service interval down to 40,000km.

We don’t believe we need to hide the fact that we repair DSG transmissions for over 10 local workshops anymore. Our expertise allows us confirm and quote your issue within 2 hours. All repairs, rebuilds and upgrades are performed in house. No sublet charges, no bill shock, just smooth shifting for years to come!

For all enquiries, please give us a call or send through an email with your name, contact and car details


If any additional repairs are necessary, we will give you a quote before proceeding.

12 month warranty

Please send us your post code so we are able to quote you on freight costs