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Here at Revzone, we have all the proper tools and experience required to perform full service on any makes of cars. Our technicians are professionals and certified. There is rarely a problem that we cannot repair efficiently and effectively.

Services offered at RevZone:

Oil Change

We only use high quality oils such as MOTUL, REDLINE, MOBIL ONE, CASTROL. When our technicians perform an oil change service, they also inspect your vehicle for common problems such as a preventative maintenance precaution to help prevent breakdowns and/or catastrophic failures.


Braking is one of the most important aspects of your vehicle. It is very important to maintain and inspect your brakes at regular service intervals. We use only high quality or OEM brake components to ensure your vehicle’s braking system remains safe and reliable. 

Timing Belt Service

The timing belt service is a mandatory large service required on your vehicle varying between 75,000kms and 100,000kms. It is extremely important to complete this service due to the fact that the belt controls the movement between the valves and the pistons. Failure to do so may result in complete catastrophic engine failure. During this service, it is recommended by RevZone and your vehicle manufacturer to also replace the idler roller, tensioner roller, water pump, thermostat and accessory drive belt. This is an expensive, but mandatory service and neglecting this may end up costing you five times more than the amount of this service. 

Steering, Suspension & Bushings

Suspension and steering systems are the key to keeping your vehicle riding smooth and feeling in control. Problems in a vehicle suspension and control arms will cause multiple issues including, but not limited to, clunking, uneven tyre wear, uncomfortable ride, improper alignment, and squeaking. Malfunctioning suspension components will cause irregular tyre wear and could potentially greatly decrease the life of your tyres, costing money in the long run. Routing maintenance services at RevZone include an inspection of the suspension and steering system of your vehicle. Our technicians are highly experienced in these platforms making diagnostics of customer issues and preventative maintenance very efficiently. 

Service and maintain your vehicle

New Car Handbook & Used Car Warranty Handbook Servicing – Our experienced and highly qualified mechanics not only specialise in High Performance Vehicles, but also un-modified standard vehicles. Our meticulous 100 Points servicing checklist ensure that your vehicle leaves Revzone in a safer and better condition, if not better than from the dealerships. The products we use for your vehicles like engine oils, oil filters and coolants are either OEM or better. Our rates are also a lot cheaper than most dealerships!

Clutch replacement

RevZone service and replace clutches for any make of cars. As an authorised Exedy Clutch distributor, we have every vehicle covered with the right parts and right prices that makes us the expert in clutch replacement and service. 

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Our experienced mechanics can do a pre-purchase inspection for the vehicle that you are about to purchase, listing all the faults that the vehicle might have and give you an estimate on the costs to repair those faults. In this way, you will know exactly whether you are getting – a good deal for the purchase or buying yourself a lemon. Our 100 point checklist detail the condition of the vehicle as inspected.

Exhaust Fitting, Repairs and Fabrication

Is your exhaust leaky or broken beyond repair? From fixing holes in your exhaust systems, or providing you with a new exhaust system we can do it all here at RevZone. Our years of experience allow us to provide you with the best available system for whatever your budget is.


At RevZone, we offer a wide range of quality tyre brands including Dunlop, Bridgestone, Kumho, Goodyear, and many more. When you purchase any tyre from us, you will get:

Free fitting

Free tubeless valves

Free tyre disposal

Free wheel balance

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