EVO X / Ralliart SST service & repair

EVO X / Ralliart SST service & repair

RevZone is thrilled to offer repair & upgrade services for your SST!


As many Ralliart Lancer and EVO X owners have already experienced, the SST has had an enormous amount of issues as they were Getrag’s first attempt at a twin clutch transmission unit.


The most common issue is caused by lack of servicing. The Mitsubishi recommended service interval for the SST is 60,000km, yet many of them are failing prematurely due to the materials shed from the internal moving parts. These fine particles end up going through the filter over time and get sucked up into the mechatronic unit which acts as a magnet. So the first step to a longer lasting SST unit is regular servicing. We recommend 20,000km SST service intervals and yes, whilst this seems like an expensive cost, it will save you thousands of dollars within 2 years and at RevZone we only use genuine Mitsubishi filters and the best quality Motul oils and fluids for your car.


Under the unfortunate circumstances that your SST has started shuddering, stalling, failing to shift gears or thrown fault codes on the dash, many people will soon begin to realise that they can’t find a workshop to fix it. This is because the SST unit is so complicated that very few people know how to repair them. Mitsubishi service is trained to sell you a full replacement box and Getrag make it very difficult to buy replacement parts. This is a problem for EVO X or Ralliart Lancer owners as their factory warranties have expired and Mitsubishi want $15,000 for a factory replacement gearbox!


At RevZone, we can accurately diagnose the issue with your SST and we can reliably repair any problem relating to the SST unit.

  • Service and diagnostics
  • Clutch pack replacement or upgrade
  • Mechatronic/valve body unit replacement
  • Gearset replacement
  • SST software upgrade (we need the car here for this upgrade).

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