Subarus are a very popular brand in today’s performance market and with every new model, there are changes both mechanically and electronically that may make it a bit confusing for you – the car enthusiast.


RevZone can help you achieve any goal for your Subaru, from standard log book servicing to full ground up race car build.


We use Subaru genuine filters and the highest quality Motul oil and fluids recommended for your vehicle. Log books will be stamped and retain factory warranty. 

Mechanical Repairs

RevZone has been regarded as one of Australia’s most recommended motorsport workshops for almost 20 years. During this time, we’ve accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience, helping us diagnose your problem quickly and efficiently thus saving you time and money. We can confidently say that during these years of combined experience amongst our team, there won’t be an issue we can’t help you solve.

Performance Upgrades

We have access to the biggest performance brands available to purchase, most of which we have direct accounts with. There are many manufacturers out there that make great off-the-shelf performance parts to suit various models. Some brands are great, some brands not so great. You can rely on our expertise to educate you of the difference.


From supplying to fitting and tuning, we’ve got you covered. RevZone invest heavily to keep up to date with today’s technology. We are an authorised Cobb Pro-tuner, EcuTek dealer, Emtron and Haltech ECU dealer and of course, have open source definitions so we have the means to tune any Subaru on the market.


We also own two Subarus ourselves which we use for R&D and testing. A 2006 GDB STI and 2016 WRX STI, both modified to different levels for different purposes. Both street registered cars competed at SubiNats 2017 and came first and second in their classes against dedicated race cars. This shows that bigger is not always better. Anybody can offer you a big wing and body kit, but we can offer you knowledge, experience and most importantly, reliable speed.


Race Car Preparation

RevZone is a well-known motorsport workshop who has a successful history in various genres of racing. From time attack to drifting to drag racing, we’ve been there and competed successfully, plus we work closely with many other successful racing teams to develop and trial new technology to help you go faster!

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